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DynamicDialogue® For Individuals

Do you struggle with any of these: 

  • Tensions between co-workers that will not go away
  • Being labeled and put into a box by others that limits your effectiveness
  • Developing an understanding of another that keeps you from engaging them openly or honestly
  • Realizing you are not able to offer information that would be useful and helpful
  • Loving family members but do not want to talk with them about things that are important to you
  • Avoiding or limiting connections with people because it is so uncomfortable

These are the very real, painful, limiting and frustrating challenges of being human. Unfortunately they often limit our ability to have peaceful, helpful relationships in our workplace, home, holiday gatherings, faith communities, neighborhoods and many other places of human interactions.
Some of these struggles keep us from working efficiently, productively and with minimal stress. They can keep us from the support and love of people we love or want to love. And, some of these keep us from engaging honestly and openly about things that are very important to us and that impact our quality of life.

How DynamicDialogue® Can Help

This is NOT therapy. It is Dialogue training and practice using the DynamicDialogue framework. At its core DynamicDialogue helps us to identify what keeps us from connecting with others in meaningful, productive ways and then provides tools and techniques to support the kind of engagement that enhances all aspects of our lives. We rely on experiential learning processes where we practice what learn in real time using the experiences and challenges of the individuals in our groups.

Program formats we offer:

  • Tastes of Dialogue, usually 90 minutes in length at no cost to give you an idea of the kind of process we use.
  • Sessions of varying length to introduce the core components: Awareness, Compassion, Creative Freedom, and Interdependence.
  • One-day workshops addressing each of the core components.
  • Sessions to bring intermediate and advanced practices and skills to individuals and groups seeking to enhance the qualities of their presence and engagement.
  • One-on-one mentoring sessions. Read about our trained Mentors.
  • Consultations on specific issues with a trained facilitator or mentor.
  • Two-year Practicum Training programs designed to focus on practical application of the skills and training into any and all aspects of life. Learn more about it.
  • Communities of Practice where you can deepen your understanding through peer-to-peer interaction. 
  • Open Dialogue Programs on specific topics - often 'hot button' issues with the intention of speaking to and listening to diverse perspectives for the purpose of deeper understanding as opposed to advocating a position.

Email Jean Holsten to discuss how Dialogue can make a tangible difference in every area of your life.

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