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Is this for Me / Us?

DynamicDialogue® programs are designed for anyone who has any contact with other human beings. We assume that means all of us. You do not have to be a leader to benefit from all of these offerings. Individuals, families, and organizations that have participated in DynamicDialogue programs have described them as life-changing; improving their marriages, family life, work, community connections, volunteer work, and everyday life interactions.


We humans can be rather messy. If we are not careful, we can develop destructive ways of relating to others that impede our ability to meet goals and successful outcomes.

  • We get harried and say things we do not mean or that are not helpful to the solution.
  • We forget to slow down and take the necessary time for quality engagement.
  • We lose sight of the fact that each of us sees things differently and operates from values and cultures that may not translate well to others.
  • We often do not share valid information.
  • We try to control people, places, and things.

If you wish you could interact better with your family, social circle, workplace, government, or community, click here to read on


Sometimes families can benefit from outside perspective to promote speaking openly and honestly and truly listening to each other. We can get into relationship ruts that unintentionally hurt each other. Transitions with death, marriage, divorce, moving, children, businesses, politics, etc. can catalyze the need for attention to how we interact with each other.

If you wish you could interact better with your family (however you define family) even if you do not think it is possible, click here to read on


Because businesses and organizations are made up of individuals with varying perspectives and experiences to offer, misunderstandings and miscommunication arise which cause separation and conflict. The DynamicDialogue program assists individuals and groups in recognizing and meeting that challenges that living and working with others may present.

Whether your group is experiencing transition or culture shifts, lack of important communication or information sharing, poor relationship dynamics, or a need for improved leadership, DynamicDialogue can help your organization develop skills to:

  • Inquire with genuine openness and advocate without pushing.
  • Value different perspectives as strengthening, rather than as weaknesses.
  • Expand thinking and action with new information, communication theories, and practices. 
  • Speak truth with compassion while leaving room for a wider truth.
  • Seek a creative mutually beneficial common ground for a common good.
  • Ground work and relationships in the value that we are interdependent - we truly need each other to be successful. 
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“Aging, relocation, retirement, free time – all raised questions of Who, Where, What, and How as these elements converged in my life. Looking through the lenses of Presence and Engagement in the Practicum Program substantially converted a hit-and-miss search for answers to an evolution of personal recognition integrated with the pace of the surrounding change in the world. Living the Ways of Being through the Practice confirms that our relationships will be expanding, wholesome and productive as what is alive, generous, fresh, and connecting is shared.”

Ken Murphy, Volunteer, Neighbor, Traveler, and DynamicDialogue Mentor
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