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Message From Jean Holsten, Program Director, DynamicDialogue®

November 30, 2017

We hope you’ve enjoyed a wonderful day of thanks with your loved ones. It is the time of year many want to cherish being in the company of family and friends. Holiday gatherings are meant to be a time of sharing cheer and closeness—a time to eat, relax, play and retreat with those who help us feel at home.

We have heard that the last few years have often led to dread, anxiety and fear as the holidays approach. Many have described being burdened with monologues, arguments and diatribes about the sociopolitical issues. The gatherings can leave us despairing because interactions leave us feeling disconnection and added stress as we struggle to meet each other where it matters most.

What is it that we most want or need? Do we want to be right or to be in relationship?  Do we spend more of our time trying to convince another of the rightness of our thinking or do we really work to listen and understand what the other is saying? Tools of engagement can ease the righteous separateness by allowing for conversations that foster togetherness and compassion. Our core human desire to connect can be fed by practices that set aside the egoic fight to supersede or claim authority. We can even learn to strongly disagree without feeling personally attacked and/or attacking another.

DynamicDialogue provides practices and skills that help us to dissolve the barriers to listening and responding with compassion and truth that create the disconnects. The communication skills we teach show you how to build bridges between people where lifetimes of strife and separation have existed. When we begin to have compassion for ourselves and for others, we embark on a road towards a brighter, more productive coexistence. Our interdependent families and worlds depend on it!

We invite you to explore mentorship for real-world application and join our workshops to take a deeper dive into what it means to be an interdependent population. But most of all, we wish you the gift of connection and grace as you spend time gathering this season. Think about giving yourself the gift of awareness, compassion, creative freedom and interdependence skills and practices so 2018 can be a year of connection through compassionate truth telling and bridge building. 

Warm greetings and happy holidays to you!


August 2017
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