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DynamicDialogue® for Organizations and Businesses

Organizations have challenges - because they are filled with human beings that think independently and come from different perspectives while trying to work together toward common goals and outcomes. Groups and organizations experiencing change and transition in any form and scale can benefit from a custom-designed Dialogue intervention to address your specific needs and particular situation. 

Human Nature can be rather messy.
  • We get harried and say things we do not mean or that are not helpful to the solution.
  • We forget to slow down and take the necessary time for quality engagement.
  • We lose sign of the fact that each of us sees things differently and operates out of values and cultures that may not translate well to others. 
  • We often do not share valid information.
  • We try to control people, places, and things.

If we are not careful, we can develop destructive ways of relating to others that impede our ability to meet our goals and create successful outcomes. And, we can erode organizational health.

If you are facing:
  • Down-sizing or right-sizing,
  • Leadership change or organizational restructuring,
  • Regulatory or budget changes that impact what you do and how you do it,
  • Low morale due to lay-offs or budget cuts, or
  • Poor information sharing that wastes time, good will, and profits...

And what you have been doing is not working... 

DynamicDialogue® can help!

The DynamicDialogue program is successfully guiding and supporting individuals and teams in public and private organizations in the United States, Sri Lanka, and Canada. These organizations are growing in their ability to develop healthy working relationships and are sharing important information and creative ideas to enrich their outcomes.

DynamicDialogue® can help you and your organization to:

  • Inquire with genuine openness and advocate without pushing, 
  • Value different perspectives as assets and positives,
  • Expand your thinking with new information, communication theories, and practices,
  • Speak truth with compassion while leaving room for a wider truth,
  • Seek a creative common ground for a common purpose,
  • Set clear goals and objectives and focus relationships to meet those in the most effective way,
  • Develop and mutually support accountability practices, and
  • Become creative - free of limiting mental models and categorizations.

We consult with organizations in transition and mentor leaders desiring a shift in culture that allows "un-discussables" to be explored and a productive common ground to emerge.

Individual and Organizational Learning

These are both critical in the process of gauging the status of organizational health. And, by learning, we mean expanding the ability to produce the results that we truly and deeply want.

Organizational Health and Functioning

At long last, these are now considered as important as profits and bottom line. McKinsey & Company has developed the Organizational Health Index (OHI) used by many organizations worldwide to discover and improve the effectiveness of their teams as well as team and individual performance.

Program formats we can bring to your organization, business, and community: 

  • A custom-designed project to lead your team or business through transition and/or culture change, 
  • A custom-designed workshop series to develop organizational awareness and help team members understand the binds that can limit the ability to share information and work well together,
  • Team building that uses current practices and issues as the content for experiential learning processes, 
  • Leader and team mentoring to assist with deepening the understanding of the concepts in practice for raising awareness in your organization, and
  • Staff, Board, and Team training to establish a foundation in the skills and practices necessary for quality engagement and presence.

Contact us today to start the process of improving the health of your organization and the ability of every member to magnify their contribution to the organization's performance.

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