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Experience the Power and Freedom of Dialogue WORKSHOPS!

DynamicDialogue® Workshop For Couples

Join us for a day of dialogue for couples.  We will look at the way we humans absorb information, get triggered by emotions, and otherwise block our ability to openly and honestly engage each other.  We will offer tools and practices for releasing the blocks, for understanding our differences and for creating more freedom and ease in communication.  These tools and practices are designed so you can use them immediately.  The workshop includes activities, videos, dialogue and materials you can take home to support you after the workshop.


Workshop is held at the Bread of Life Center.  Click here to download flyer.

DynamicDialogue® Workshop For Faith Leaders

Communication in a Time of Polarization

Learn ways to dialogue across a wide array of perspectives, cultures, communication styles and life experiences.  In Sacramento we have seen protests and violence increase; we are seeing the effects of systemic racism; we are seeing health, income, justice inequities and all of us suffer.

You are invited to a day of experiential training focused on the transformative power of dialogue that helps lead communities through division into a common good. Participants will be introduced to tools and practices that can be used immediately.

Click here for workshop details and to download flyer.

DynamicDialogue® Workshop for Folks in Recovery

We will offer you a framework for staying in relationship even when we get defensive.  We will give you tools and practices to help understand what happens to block us from engaging well and how to get past or release the block.  Our workshops include: material, videos, activities and experiential learning that you can use immediately.  We will also invite you to a community of practice to keep the dialogue work alive. 

Click here for workshop details and to download flyer.

 Introduction to DynamicDialogue® 4-Day Workshops

DynamicDialogue workshops are a 4-day introduction to the proven practices and skills that help you continually explore issues, challenges, ideas and assumptions to achieve more meaningful communication and decision-making. Click here for Workshop details and to register. These workshops include: 

  • Small groups and an informal learning environment
  • Workbook of guided exercises to accompany the live sessions
  • Life as a coach: Network with your peers and collaborate on ideas and opportunities

Upcoming Schedule

All Workshops: 9:00am - 5:00pm

February 2019

  • Awareness (Day 1) - Friday, February 8th
  • Compassion (Day 2) - Saturday, February 9th
  • Creative Freedom (Day 3) - Friday, February 22nd
  • Interdependence (Day 4) - Saturday, February 23rd

All workshops are held at the Bread of Life Center. Download the flyer for more information.

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